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I’m very proud to share my original article “A Novel Artificial Intelligence – assisted Risk Assessment Model for Preventing Complications in Esthetic Surgery” published in PRS Global Open, which brings more safety for patients and lays the foundation for the research of AI predictive models in surgery.

Aira10 is the first artificial intelligence-assisted risk assessment system for the prevention of complications in plastic surgery.

It classifies patients according to their risk group (high, moderate, or low) and highlights the altered risk factors.

AiRA10.0.3 software includes risk assessment, Geolocation of patients, Caprini score for thromboprophylaxis, and Body Dysmorphic Disorder screening. From now on, It’s available to all physicians.

Read the full article at

Williams E. Bukret, MD, EMBA

Dr. Bukret’s first presentation of AiRA10 at the ISAPS World Virtual congress 2021.

Dr. Bukret presented his conference on Artificial Intelligence-assisted Risk Assessment for preventing complications in plastic surgery. The last frontier.

This conference analyzed evidence on the prevention of complications and the scientific bases for the development of AiRA10.0

Explore the first AiRA10.0 dataset on this ShinnyApp